The Zen of Watch Maintenance

Sinn 356 on left, and on right the Seiko SNA139 at 8% of the price. Aside: if you are looking for a dramatic instagram-esque watch photo, liberally apply large-radius unsharp mask to images for more 3D pop. (image of 356 from Worn and Wound

You don’t need a watch any more, but you may want one because of what it represents — a self contained universe of design thinking and craftsmanship that solves a problem that has been solved many times before, but in its own unique way.

Choosing between Engineering and Engineering

Sinn on the right, Seiko on the left. Mechanical versus quartz; luxury versus consumer-grade. Like most experiences, there is a point where the incremental differences in utility are decreasingly apparent unless you are a student of the topic.

NWS (Nonworking Sample) Watches

Deceptively Timekeeping-y. But fused solid at the classic 10:10 position
MSRP in the early 2000’s Most watches sell for under MSRP

Case back off

Total organ transplant

New movement

Trimming the winding stem

Some places to go from here

Interactive developer for science and data outreach,

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