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  • Brian Alkerton

    Brian Alkerton

    I worked for @Shopify. Now I do lots of other things.

  • Chris Howell

    Chris Howell

    Just a simple guy. Husband of 1 and father of 2. I build stuff for the Web. Die-hard Ottawa Senators fan.

  • Jordan Palmer

    Jordan Palmer


  • Chris Long

    Chris Long

    Product @ | Lover of food & beer | Connector of dots

  • Patrick


  • Paul Pritchard

    Paul Pritchard

    I design things. Mostly with pixels, mostly @Shopify. Avid traveller, masher upper and puckstopper.

  • www. NavySpots . Com

    www. NavySpots . Com

    Clima + Info Nautica en Tiempo Real

  • Elizabeth Demolat

    Elizabeth Demolat

    Lover of books, adventures, friends, dancing, muffins, France, camp fires, and Ole Miss. And, I teach.

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