It is easy to be blind to the most blinding truths about ourselves

Things are quiet until they are not, what you remember is not what you thought you would, and your perspective on yourself is just one of many

How you see yourself is not how other see you. And each person sees a different you.

Everything adds up. Everything compounds.

The world is exponential, not linear.

There will be only a very few moments in time that you will remember from this year. You can’t decide which they will be.

Kindness is remembered.


Making lasting memories: Remembering the significant

Scientific American: “Kindness Contagion”

This year, make your notebook a logbook

Speaking — publicly — to people!

What you are doing is worth doing

Trajectory Planning

Eulogy for an outgoing Macbook Pro

Interactive developer for science and data outreach,

Interactive developer for science and data outreach,