Discovery Resources for Kids and Parents

Homeschool resources to keep kids close to science and discovery


This document is all about keeping kids engaged and learning while school is out. It is for parents and caregivers who have to find a way to occupy everyone’s minds with good quality content.

Make your own Canadarm Grappler (NASA activity sheet)

A quick craft that I saw demonstrated at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum. Really neat to try:

Here is a video of how the real thing works:

Chris Hadfield’s tour of the Canadarm on the International Space Station:

Anturus hands on experiments

Focused on climate and exploration, including your own physical and environmental health. Volcanos, glaciers, geology, climate, atmosphere, personal fitness, it’s an Earth explorer focus with videos and activity sheets great for full lessons:

Ingenium Canada Museums: at-home experiments

A variety of try-at-home experiments using common craft supplies:

Your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs

From the Royal Ontario Museum: write your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Canon Creative Park

Printable, foldable paper crafts for all skill levels including animals, aircraft, cards, hats, masks, puzzles and games. Download and print the PDF on your printer and get to folding

Scratch: An fun intro to programming using ‘blocks’

This is a well known, classic way of visually assembling a program like Lego™ with a big library of examples.

There is also for ages 5–8ish, there is ScratchJr for mobile and chromeOS at

Worksheets (Caution, may contain work)

Grades preschool through 5 covering math ,science, reading, writing:

Ontario’s Learn from Home e-Learning portal for all grades:

Includes parent and caregiver guides for learning at home

All about Coral Reefs

The coral presentation:

Activity pack (to print):

Online quiz:

NASA at Home

A collection of videos, activities, lesson plans, ebooks, podcasts

Nature of Things CBC : 10 family friendly docs:

An astronaut’s guide to life in space

A Canadian Classic: Chris Hadfield wonderful YouTube playlist of 49 experiment, questions and answers from on board the International Space Station:

How It’s Made

The original Canadian show that gives a view into the factory — big, small, all over the world. Mesmerising to watch from food to toys to machinery:

PBS Deeplook

Youtube channel zooming in on nature

Science Max

Like mythbusters but more education/kid oriented and still great production value:

And the channel on youtube:

National Geographic Science Playlist

A part of their sprawling youtube presence that focuses on science, exploration, from big to small:

The Magic of Chemistry

Old-school Royal Institution presentation by Andrew Szydlo like Dumbledore at Hogwarts. Really a captivating watch:

PBS EONS YouTube channel

All about the earth, and everyone and thing that lives on it — it is the big picture over millions and billions of years with a huge variety and library from giant sharks to when the Earth was a giant Iceball

Banff mountain Film Festival online

An annual short film festival that tours the world and attracts thousands of viewers is now online for 2020. It’s all about travel and adventure and lives lived in concert with nature from outdoor sports to magnetic cultures and people:


CBC podcasts for kids

Including Thai Asks Why and The Secret Life of Canada

Interactive developer for science and data outreach,