What do *you* do when the world has such big things to fix?

What do you do when the world seems to have such big things to fix?

You do good things:

when you can,

where you are,

one on one,

moment to moment,

steered by your ethical compass,

and see what grows and who helps

Career Counselling Findings

A career is work and it is life because it is a bit of a symbiotic relationship.

The closest analogy I can think of is the Farmer and their draft animals.

Imaging you are the farmer plowing a field in 1890. Your plow is tied to an…

The T-Shaped competency model is oversimplifying our constellations of knowledge and experience

Organization X:
“We are looking for people who are T-Shaped — a broad, general knowledge across many disciplines, and [at least] one deep competency.”

The classic T-Shaped person. Such discipline in creating these orthogonal, aligned adjacent skill sets!

Organizations are attracted to this model of a Contributor, and why not? T-Shaped People are the best of both worlds:

  • They can use their general knowledge…

How an app makes aurora timelapse videos more accessible and immersive

“Aurora in the Yellowknife Sky” — a web app that reinterprets the deep night-sky video archive of the AuroraMAX all-sky camera

The Northern Lights, or “Aurora Borealis,” are something you never forget.

In a few moments, the whole night sky can unexpectedly fill with impossible light and motion — green, violet, magenta, and red. Adventurers take thousands of photos of the aurora every year, as do researchers trying to understand the connection between the aurora and space weather. …

Homeschool resources to keep kids close to science and discovery


This document is all about keeping kids engaged and learning while school is out. It is for parents and caregivers who have to find a way to occupy everyone’s minds with good quality content.

Make your own Canadarm Grappler (NASA activity sheet)

A quick craft that I…

A quick note about brand during a time when brands should act, not brand

A template to combine with black and white photography, slow pan-and-zoom, and stock piano chords in the key of sincerity

There is a long history of companies using a social cause as a branding element, but the speed at which branding has re-tooled for this particular Crisis demonstrates the very tight, very calculated connection between the…

Aurora photographers can have a rude surprise in store if they use a protective lens filter

And you thought the most expensive part of photography was the camera.

Just wait till you start buying lenses that really perform well in low light for the aurora — wide viewing angles and…

Sometimes you wonder if the sky is staring back at you. Especially when you are under the seething aurora borealis in the ‘Auroral Zone’ which circles northern and southern latitudes.

Churning aurora over Kluane Lake, Yukon, September 2019 by the author

This is just one moment in the fast-and-slow movement of the aurora. What if you were a researcher and needed…

It is easy to be blind to the most blinding truths about ourselves

Things are quiet until they are not, what you remember is not what you thought you would, and your perspective on yourself is just one of many

How you see yourself is not how other see you. And each person sees a different you.

There is only one you…except that is not true. If you ask people you have interacted with, they will each describe and remember a different you. It will not be the same you that you believe you…


Interactive developer for science and data outreach, github.com/jufa

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